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¤ Direct and Indirect Speech ¤

¤ Direct and Indirect Speech ¤

Direct speech = kutipan asli dari suatu pembicaraan tanpa ada perubahan.
Indirect speech = kalimat yang kita laporkan kepada orang lain.


– Simple present – Simple past
– present continous -past continous
– present perfect – past perfect
– present perfect continous – past perfect continous
– simple future – past future
– future continous – past future continous
– future perfect – past future perfect
– future perfect continous – past future perfect continous
– simple past – past perfect
– past continous – past perfect continous
– past perfect – past perfect.

Macam-Macam Direct & Indirect Speech

1. Statement (pernyataan)
= kalimat laporan dari suatu pernyataan yang mengalami beberapa perubahan.

Direct ; I , you , my , our , your , we.

Indirect ; he/she , me/he/she/them/I/him/her , his/here , their/our , my/his/her , they

Now then, at the momen
Today that day
Tomorrow the day after, the following, the following day, a day after
Next the….after, the following….
Last the….before, the previous, the precending
… Ago …before, …earlier
Yesterday the day before, the precending day, the previous day
The day before yesterday two day before
Here there
This that
These those

2. Command (perintah)
= dalam bentuk perintah, kita menambahkan kata ‘to’ sebagai penghubung antara kalimat pengantar dengan kalimat yang dilaporkan.

HE [Told] [Me] to go away
[Ordered] [Her] to go away

SHE [Asked] [Him] to come here

| [Commanded] [them] to be quite
[Begged] [us] to be quite
[Suggested] [the children] to be quite.

3. Question (pertanyaan)
= jika kalimatnya ‘yes/no’ question, maka kalimat tak langsungnya harus ditambah ‘whether/if’

perintah ke Surya:
– Mrs. Lilik “Surya, don’t cheat from your friend!”
Mrs. Lilik told Surya not to cheat from his friend!

Ngomong sendiri
– Mrs. Sarah told us, “Study hard, please!!”
Mrs. Sarah told us to studyhard.

– Mrs. Lilik told Yuli, “Where did you go last night?”
Mrs. Lilik asked Yuli, “where she had gone the night before?”

– Mrs. Lilik told Agung, “what are you doing now?”
Mrs. Lilik asked Agung what he was doing at the moment.

– Mrs. Lilik asked Digie, “can you help me carry my box?”
Mrs. Lilik asked Digie if he could help her carry her box?

– Jessica Brooke said “I may go to the Pub and Sex Party”
That she might go to the Pub and sex party.

– Mrs. Lilik asked Very, “have you taken a bath?”
Mrs. Lilik asked Very if/whether he had taken a bath.

Trik Digol

1. Lihat soal, apakah itu WH Quest / Said”an / Yesno Quest.
2. Masing2 tu pnya ciri2
kalau WH question, rumusnya S + V3 & tanpa tanda ?.
Kalau Said”an, rumusnya that + subject..bla..bla..
Kalau YN Question, rumusnya pake if/whether.

~WH Question + He had + V3
(pada indirect & g pake tanda ?)

~ “Can you mail the letter, please!” he requested me.
He requested me to mail the letter.
(bila didepan ada/menggunakan Can, Could, Will, Would itu bukan berarti past, tapi berfungsi sebagai meminta/memerintah dengan sopan, dan pada indirectnya kata2 tersebut pasti hilang, pleasenya juga).

~”Send the message”, Mira told Nita
Mira told Nita to send the message.
(pada indirect speech selalu diikuti kata To dan V1, lalu tanpa tanda petik).

~”Don’t disturb me,” my father asked me
My father asked me to not to disturb him
(ini adalah direct command bentuk negatif Dont selalu berubah menjadi not to + V1)


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English Page 20

English page 20, dari Riza (ppap)

1. What newspaper do they want to read?
2. Why is she looks like a child?
3. How fast does he drive his car everyday?
4. How deep is the Nil river?
5. How well did the students do the exercises yesterday?
6. How smart do they solve the problem?
7. How much does the bag cost?
8. Which solution do you want to choose?
9. Which direction do you want to ask me?
10. Who…with => with whom
– with whom did you go to the party?
– who did you go to the party with?
11. Who…for => for whom
– for whom do you make that delicious cake?
12. What day is it today?
13. What year did you want to go to Borobudur temple?
14. Where do you live?
15. What time will you visit your grandma?
16. Whose score is the best in this class?
17. Why should I do the assignment well?
18. Why did you get a bad score in english?
19. What meal do you want to eat this afternoon?
20. How bad is she hurt?

21. How long did we do the trip to Bali?
22. What made your sister cry this morning?
23. Why shall we avoid to do the bad attitude?
24. Which girl do you want to meet today?
25. Which is you favorite drink?
26. How far does he walk everyday?
27. How high is the Semeru mountain?
28. Why did they play football in front of the class?
29. Where did you continue your study?
30. Whydo you want to visit Tangkuban Perahu?
31. How long have you been here?
32. Which book do you want to buy?
33. Whose bag is yours?
34. What are you talking about with your friend?
35. Where did your father go last week?
36. When did they follow the english course?
37. Why does she cry loudly this morning?
38. What sport do you like to do?
39. What experience do you want to get from job trainning?
40. How beautiful does she draw?
41. How can they do the english test?
42. What towns do you want to visit?

43. Why could he do the test well?
44. Why should we plan our future?
45. How good is your bag?
46. Which document do you want to copy?
47. What…for => for what
– what do you learn english for?
48. Who…for => same with number 11
49. Where did you come from with your mother yesterday?
50. Who…at => can’t

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