1. Anne always says “i love flowers”.
– anne always says that she loves flowers.
2. Anne said “the sun rises from the east”.
– anne said that the sunrises from the east.


I. Affirmative

1. Jessica said, “i love novels”
– jessica said that she loved novels.
Simple Present (s + V1) -> Simple Past (s + V3)

2. Kate said “my father went to Las Vegas yesterday”.
– kate said that her father had gone to Las Vegas the day before.
Simple Past (s + V3) -> Past Perfect (s + had + v3)

3. Sarah said, “my boyfriend is cooking now”.
– Sarah said that her boyfriend was cooking at present.
Present Continous (s + is/am/are + Ving) -> Past Continous (s + was/were + Ving)

4. Mariah said, “Nia was watching tv when i came”
– mariah said that Nia had been watching tv when she had come.
Past Continous (s + was + Ving) -> Past Perfect Continous (s + had + been + Ving)

5. Rachel said, “my aunt will give me a present tomorrow”.
– Rachel said that her aunt would give her a present the next day.
Future (s + will + v1) -> Past Future (s + would + v1)

6. Lina said, “i have written 2 letters”.
– Lina said that she had written 2 letters.
Present Perfect (s + have/has + v3) -> Past Perfect (s + had + v3)

7. Sandra said, “Alicia can swim fast”.
– Sandra said that Alicia could swim fast.
Present Future (s + modal + v1) -> Past Future (s + modal + v1)

II. WH-Question

1. Julia Perez asked me, “what are you doing now?”
– julia perez asked me what i was doing at present.
2. Julia Perez asked me, “how many books do you want to buy?”
– julia perez asked me how many books i wanted to buy.
3. Julia Perez asked me, “where did you go last night?”
– julia perez asked me where i had gone the night before.

III. Y/N-Question

1. Nizmah asked me, “can you help me translate my letter?”

– nizmah asked me if i could translate her letter.
2. Nizmah asked me, “do you bring my novel?”
– nizmah asked me if i brought her novel.
3. Nizmah asked me, “have you returned the book you borrowed to the library?”
– nizmah asked me if i had returned the book i had borrowed to the library.

IV. Command

1. Mrs. Vette told us, “be careful, guys!”
– mrs. Vette told us to be careful.
2. Mrs. Vette told me, “bring the umbrella!”
– mrs. Vette told me to bring the umbrella.

V. Negative Command

1. Mother told me, “don’t waste you money on cigarettes”.
– mother told me not to waste my money on cigarettes.
2. Fregha told me, “dont be said!”.
– fregha told me not to be said.

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