311 – All Mixed Up

You’ve got to trust your instinct,
and let go of regret
You’ve got to bet on yourself now star
’cause that’s your best bet

Watch me now with a wicked and wild and I said
We come with funky style that gets us known for the show
and we’ll mix the hip hop reggae
If we say it is so and fuck the maysayers
’cause they don’t mean a thing
’cause this is what style we bring

Now it’s morning but last nights on my mind
there something I need to get of my chest and no matter what may come to shine
the dream will always be mine…

All mixed up you don’t know what to do
next thing you turn around and find the person is you
thought a freak might be the thing
But the first could be the last so just get off your ass
But you know this will pass so just get off your ass
Watch me now with a wicked and wild and I said
sick sick bit got to have it
Like bustin’ in on a session but you got to call it quits
sick sick bit just can’t quit
fact that you don’t even know makes it fully legit

You keep me coming that is a gal that’l kill’ dem stunning
( you make me nervous throat dy
My brain is empty don’t know what
But I saw you doing some thing which is really truly nothing but you could bust me out all day)

Many moons since first I saw you..
Many moons since first we did the do
and why did I try when I knew it was no and but save it for late we should just let it skate ’cause the waiting feel is find.

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