These following words are nouns

These following words are nouns. They are divided into two groups: group A and B. Now, please relate each noun in group A to each noun which has the same meaning in group B!

1. Act-berbuat
2. Affection-kasihsayang
3. Behaviour-perilaku
4. Chance-kesempatan
5. Character-alami
6. Consequence-hasil
7. Admission-pintumasuk
8. Cure-perawatan
9. Desire-keinginan
10. Grief-duka cita
11. Display-pajangan
12. Evidence-bukti

1. Love-cinta
2. Proof-bukti
3. Nature-alam
4. Exhibition-pameran
5. Remedy-perbaikan
6. Entry-masukan
7. Sorrow-duka cita
8. Conduct-melakukan
9. Result-hasil
10. Wish-berharap
11. Opportunity-kesempatan
12. Deed-perbuatan

Combine the two sentences in each number by using relative pronoun: who, which, whose. Etc. If necessary!

1. The topic was being discussed yesterday morning.
The topic was about love.
>. The topic (which) being discussed yesterday morning was about love.

2. Here is my friend.
His book was lost.
>. Here is my friend (whose) book was lost.

3. I threw a stone at Gepeng.
Gepeng is Tarzan’s friend.
>. I threw a stone at Gepeng (who) is Tarzan’s friend.

4. The bridge is leading to my school.
The bridge is almost broken.
>. The bridge (which) leading to my school is almost broken.

5. The man was shot dead.
The man was a robber.
>. The man (whom) shot dead was a robber.

Combine the question in each number with the question or statement in bracket!

1. How could he be killed? (do you know?)
>. Do you know how he could be killed.
2. Did they go fishing last week? (will you tell me?)
>. Will you tell me if they went fishing last week.
3. What do you know about him? (i want to know)
>. I want to know what you go know about him.
4. Where will you keep this document? (may i know)
>. May i know where you will keep this document.

5. Have you heard that Mary was dead? (i wonder)
>. I wonder if you have heard that mary was dead.

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