. Like + Noun/Gerund + Better Than + Noun/Gerund
. Prefer + Noun/Gerund + To + Noun/Gerund
. Would Rather + V1 + than + V1
. Would Prefer To + V1 + Rather Than + V1

Contoh Soal
1. Which one do you like, watching tv or listen to the music ?
– I like listening to the music better than watching tv
– I prefer listening to the music to watching tv
– I would rather listen to the music than watch tv
– I would prefer to listen to the music rather than watch tv

2. Which one do you like, a nismah or an asty?
– I like an asty better than a nismah
– I prefer an asty to a nismah
– I would rather date an asty than date a nismah
– I would prefer to date an asty rather than date a nismah

3. Santi : Do you like reading a novel?
Sinta : No, i like reading Al-Qur’an better than reading novel.

4. Ica : Which one do you prefer ‘Sate’ or ‘Lontong Balap’?
Ici : I prefer ‘lontong balap’ to ‘sate’.

5. Bobo : Does Anne prefer to be a doctor or an engineer ?
Bubu : Anne preferS being a doctor to being an engineer.

6. Tembre : Which one does John prefer, riding a horse or riding a motorbike ?
Tumbru : prefer : John prefers riding a horse to riding a motorbike
‘d rather : John would rather ride a horse than a motorbike.

7. Unyil : If you have some money, do you prefer to same it in a Bank or to a spend it on food ?
Usro : I prefer saving some money in a bank to spending on food.

9. Unang : What do you like to drink, we have orange juice, tea, or coffee?
Ucay : I would prefer to drink orange juice (rather than tea or coffee.

9. – He likes wearing shirts better than wearing t-shirts
– He prefers wearing shirts to wearing t-shirts
– He would prefer to wear shirts rather than wear t-shirts.

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