Type 1 (Probable Condition)
real in the present

If Clause > Main Clause > Meaning/Fact

If PRESENT {s + v1 + s/es (is,am,are)} > FUTURE {s + will + v1 (be)} > {s + will + probably,perhaps,possibly}

– if you are rich, i will love you.
Fact: i will perhaps love you.
– if you studyhard, you will pass the examination.
Fact: i don’t study hard, so i will not pass the examination.
– if the sunshines, the day must be hot.
Fact: the sun doesn’t shine, so the day must not be hot.
– if it doesn’t rain, we will go swimming on sunday.
Fact: it rains so we will not go swimming on sunday.

Type 2 (Improbable Condition)
Unreal in the present

If Clause > Mean Clause > Meaning/Fact

If PAST {s + v2 (-ed)} > PAST FUTURE {s + would + v1 (be)} > PRESENT {s + v1 + s/es (is,am,are)}

_I/We/You/They, pake Were.

– if you were rich, i would love you.

Fact: i dont love you because you aren’t.
– if i had much money, i would eat in the restaurant.
Fact: i have not much money, so i will not eat in restaurant.
– if he knew my phone number, he would give me a call.
Fact: he doesn’t know my phone number, so he will not give me a call.
– if i were you, i would teach the class.
Fact: i am not you, so i will not teach the class.

Type 3
If Clause > Main Clause > Meaning/Fact

If PAST PERFECT {s + had + V3 (been} > PAST PERFECT FUTURE {s + would + have + v3(been)} > PAST {s + v2 (ed) was/were}

– if you had been rich, i would have love you.
Fact: i didn’t love you because you were rich.

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