Written Test

¤ Written Test ¤

A. Classify the following verbs into causative/non causative verb the use each of them in a sentence.

1. Dislike, -> i dislike you to speak loudly.
2. Have, -> i have him repair my BMW
3. Tell, -> my father tells me to take the bag on the table
4. Watch, -> i watch my mother cook in the kitchen
5. Want, -> i want you to put the book on the table.

B. Change the following adjective into adverbs than use each of the adverbs in a sentence and use each of the adjectives in a sentence of comparison!
1. Active ~ actively
Comp : the dog does everything actively.
Adj : lia is more active than rian.
2. Succesful ~ succesfully
Comp : me finish it succesfully
Adj : floren is more succesfull in her bussines than maya.
3. Good ~ well
Comp : doni can swim well
Adj : doni can do it better than he.
4. Wonderful ~ wonderfully
Comp : modele walked wonderfully on the catwalk
5. Accurate ~ accuratly

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